There has to be a better way…

After the ten years I’ve spent in corporate healthcare, within the modern medicine space, it left me thinking… “There has to be a better way!” 

I’ve seen thousands of patients come in and out of the doctors office with an array of ailments, the never ending prescriptions, and follow up appointments that keep spinning around like a never ending Merry-Go-Round. Prescriptions are necessary in a lot of cases, but they can be over prescribed when there isn’t enough time to devote to and actually figure out the underlying cause of these ailments that people keep showing up with. 

This is by no means the fault of the physicians that have spent years and years of their lives trying to do what’s right by people and treating them how the patients thinks they need to be treated. There isn’t enough time within a ten to fifteen minute office visit to address the multitude of layers that is within each one of us. 

That is why I decided to find some alternative ways of viewing things. Seeing people feel stuck and helpless due to their chronic illnesses is disheartening to say the least. I wanted to teach people, like my previous patients that I genuinely care about, that there was in fact another way. That they didn’t have to feel like their chronic illness was out of their control and that it is okay to want something better for themselves. 

Everyone deserves to get a chance to dance with their daughter on her wedding day, attend their child’s high school graduation, and hold their grandchild for the first time. I want to be a part of making that a reality for those who are just going through life and praying that this happens. 

The scope of my previous job didn’t allow me to give personalized care that I knew people actually needed. So that’s why I decided to enroll and am in the process of obtaining my Integrative Medicine Health Coaching Certification. 

Integrative medicine takes a look at the entire health and wellness of an individual. This includes metrics like vital signs and blood work, but also takes into account lifestyle factors. Lifestyle being activity level, diet, stress, and other variables. It looks to heal the whole person by addressing each of these areas. 

The coaches are there to help that person achieve their health related goals. If that goal is to loose weight and/or improve their hemoglobin A1c levels, then that’s what they will assist with. Every person is different and their goals will be as well. 

Instead of getting help from several individuals (like a nutritionist, physical therapist, personal trainer, primary care doctor, yoga instructor, or massage therapist) the health coaches are able to address many of those needs and design a plan that works for that individual person. 

Throughout the next six months I’ll be sharing with you all some educational information regarding healing the body that you may have not otherwise known about. For those looking to stay in the loop, be sure you join the community by clicking on the red button below. By May 2019, I’ll be certified and ready to open my arms and my heart to share this journey with a few special people. 

In the meantime, if you are someone that does have a chronic disease and take multiple medications per day, head over to the Services tab where I can help you reduce your current monthly prescription costs. 

Thanks as always for checking in! I would love a chance to connect, be sure to drop a comment below with any questions you have and I’ll talk to y’all on Friday where we can talk about Bone Broth baby! Yes, it excites me 😉 


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