Diabetes Dietary Recommendations: Foods to Avoid

If you are reading this, consider yourself one of the lucky ones! You have the chance to improve your eating habits and in turn your body will thank you for it, trust me 🙂

I know changing the way you’ve always eaten can be an emotional roller coaster to say the least. If you’re not ready to implement this just yet, you can email this to you so you have it for later reference.

Or if you’re ready for an introduction to lifestyle change and start with your diet then we will start chugging along…

There are many patients that have come in and out of the doctor’s office with various struggles and triumphs related to their health journeys, but the ones that I remember most are those with Diabetes.

As you know, Diabetes can affect everything from your eyes to your toes. The primary way to start making an impact and see an improvement in your A1c numbers is by starting with your diet.

Now I do have to note- if you are taking medications, you should continue to take them as prescribed by your physician. If you’re planning on making a big diet change, you’ll want to consult with your physician to get their input and make sure they can monitor your progress as your blood sugar levels start to come down.

If you are someone who takes several medications per day and are looking for a way to reduce your expenses, be sure to check out the Services tab above.

Blood sugar levels will come down at varying rates because it depends on where your starting from and what medications you are taking. For someone that is use to eating take-out once or twice a day will have their blood sugars come down much faster than someone who eats take-out once or twice a month.

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Lets get down to business…

Some obvious things come to mind when we think about improving someones diet regardless if they have Diabetes

  1. Cut out soda: If you’re someone who drinks soda regularly you’ll want to, of course, cut that out. I am no stranger to soda, I use to drink Mountain Dew like it was going out of style. I was drinking about 32-44 oz of Mountain Dew per day.. Yikes! I had to wean off of it of course, so I lowered the amount I was drinking because I didn’t want to get caffeine withdrawal headaches. Then I stopped it and switched to Sparkling Water. Now I drink just one cup of coffee in the morning and water throughout the day. If you decide to try sparkling water, do know that this has about 10-30 grams of sodium depending on the brand you get which can increase blood pressure. So if you have high blood pressure you’ll want to skip on that.
  2. No More Pastries and Packaged Snacks: There are healthy alternatives and baking options when it comes to getting your sweet tooth satisfied. But anything on the grocery store shelf or the local doughnut shop would be a no-go.
  3. Say bye bye to drive-thru: At least for now because the temptation of being at a place like that where bad habits are formed is best left alone in the beginning. Once you are feeling more confident and can go through and grab a salad without the need to add a side of fries then go for it, but odds are you can make a better salad at home. I have full faith in you!

In regards to the fluids you should be getting, it’s recommended anywhere from 1/2-1 ounces of water per pound that you weigh. That is dependent upon your activity level and other factors. So if you weigh 200 lbs you should be drinking 100-200 ounces per day. That equals about 6.25-12.5 bottles of water per day (assuming they are about 16 oz each). If you’re someone who has a fluid restriction due to kidney disease, you’ll need to follow your doctor’s recommendation.

To download the full list of foods to avoid to lower your blood sugars and improve your A1c, be sure to click the button below.


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