Diabetic Healthy Snacks

So who doesn’t love snacks?! I feel like I’m having a snack attack at least two to three times per day. I’m going to share with you some of my favorite go-tos that won’t spike your blood sugar which leads you to a huge crash and burn with your energies as well as erratic blood sugars.

Fresh is the Best

Would you just look at all that beautiful goodness! I know when you’re just starting out on your health journey, it’s hard to get excited about the items in that picture. But man! That right there is the best medicine you can buy without a prescription or the toxic side effects.

There’s something therapeutic about chopping vegetables, but I’m easily excited so maybe it’s just me. It’s always a good idea to buy organic if you’re able to. I enjoy raw vegetables so I usually grab some bell peppers, cucumbers, and baby carrots as staples for my fridge.

It’s best to skip the dip, but if you are looking for a better alternative to wet your palate I suggest a few other better options that aren’t packed with sugar. Salsa is a good option. There’s an organic sugar free salsa made by Simple Truth. I haven’t had a chance to try it, but it’s on my list!

Wholly Guacamole has an awesome name brand, but the texture and taste of their guac is where it’s at! By the way, I have no affiliates with anyone so this is all just helpful info for the taking, no strings attached.

Hummus is something that I was absolutely resistant to try, but I enjoyed it while it lasted . I’m not currently eating legumes, but for those that are this is a handy thing to have. The thing that I like most about the guacamole and hummus is that they offer individual serving size containers…so you don’t have to share! 😉

She’s a Little Nutty

Yup, I was referring to myself there. We’re all a little bit crazy, some more than others. Welcome to the dark side! Now let’s talk about nuts…

Shocker to most, but peanuts are NOT actually nuts. My mind was blown when I first heard about this because most people, when they talk about an allergy to peanuts, they refer to all tree nuts as well. That may be more of a precaution.

Nuts are fabulous for satisfying a hunger attack and they also help add in some vital protein and nutrients to your diet.

Pecans in the shell are my personal favorite. I always love a challenge! We had a pecan tree in my front yard as a kid so it was always something that I had when I wanted which was exciting. Not so much when you step on the cracked shells with no shoes on though!

When purchasing nuts from the grocery store, I would definitely grab the unsalted option because WOWsa! They pour an enormous amount of salt on them and you and I don’t need that. That’s why I like opting for the pecans in the shells so I can get some added gaurantee that my food wasn’t messed with.

Sweet Treats

It’s best to be prepared when any of these cravings hit so you’re not swinging by the gas station to grab a soda and a candy bar. If you’re able to grab an apple or a handful of berries on your way out the door, this would be a better option than anything sitting on the gas station shelf.

If you’re unable to keep fruit at room temperature or in the fridge, you can try one of these bars that you can toss in your car or desk at work. I’ve tried three different flavors of the RxBar, it’s not a terrific texture and I’m not a huge fan of the stickiness of it all. It does the job though.

Image Found @ RxBar.com

The one I’m going to buy again, that my daughter actually likes too, is the mixed berry flavor. I like the brand and their straight approach to marketing. I don’t want anything extra in my food that I don’t know about. AND…If you turn it around to the back, the nutrition label reads the same. This is a shocker, it shouldn’t be, but it is.

If you are looking to try something different, a lot of people have recommended the Epic bars brand. To give you an idea of some of their flavors, I’ve listed them below:

  • Bison Bacon Cranberry Bar
  • Almond & Cranberry Turkey Bar
  • Salmon Smoked Maple Bar

I haven’t been brave enough to go this route, but if you try these I would love to hear from you! Be sure to drop a comment below to provide me with some encouragement 😉

I hope this was good to get you started. If you want the complete shopping list, click the button below.

Have a great rest of your day and I’ll talk with you all soon! Take care.


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