Download: My Medical Journal

Oh I’ve created an awesome download just for you! I was initially going to create a journal like a hardbound printout and then turn around and put this for purchase, but that’s just a bigger project that I can’t take on at the moment. So my time constraints are a blessing for you all!

The download includes 30 pages of documents. I’ve created a list of the pages in order below that are included:

  • 1: My Medical Journal Cover
  • 2: Personal Information + Emergency Contact Info
  • 3: Doctor’s Information
  • 4-5: Medication List
  • 6: Immunization Record
  • 7-23: Doctor’s Visit Notes
  • 24-30: Notes

A sneak peek at the cover photo is pictured below

How It’s Used

This is really helpful for those who see multiple physicians and are looking to keep things centralized and in one place. If you have a parent or family member that this would be useful for, be sure you forward them this blog post so they can grab a copy!

When doctor’s see patients in the office, one of the things that seems to happen is that patient’s can’t seem to remember ALL of the things that the doctor says during that appointment time. So by writing down what your doctor has recommended as far as changes to your diet, your medications, and what vaccines you received that day- this will help everyone stay on track and limit the amount of confusion.

I know I’ve been in a situation, as the patient, where I go into the office and I completely forget to ask the doctor a question or two. You can write your questions down in either the office visit section or the notes section so you don’t forget to ask while you’re seeing the doctor.

All of the immunizations that you are available to be given are written down and there’s a spot next to them for you to write in the dates of your last vaccine. This ensures that you won’t be getting re-vaccinated and all of your records are centralized, even if your doctors are in different hospital networks.

You can print these documents out- I would recommend a color printer if you have it so you get the full effect of at least the cover photo. Then I would use a 3 hole punch on all the pages except the cover photo.

The cover photo I would place in the front plastic sleeve of a 3 ring binder. I think a 0 .5″ would definitely be big enough. You can always make copies of the office notes or medication list if you feel like you’ll need more of those. A binder that I found online on Amazon that would work for this can be found by clicking here. I’m not an affiliate, just think this works and wouldn’t waste your money on a $15 binder.

For anyone that is having financial difficulties in regards to affording your prescription drug coverage. I did create a course that shows you how to reduce your current prescription costs. You can even take the first module of either course (there’s two) for free! Yes sir/yes ma’am that’s right. To learn more click here to be redirected to the course information page.

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I’m really excited to give this to you, so without further ado… Click the button below to download your FREE Medical Journal and check your inbox for it’s arrival 😀

I hope you all have a blessed day and be sure to let me know how much you love this! Take care and I’ll talk to y’all on Friday where we go Primal 😉 hint hint…


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