My Whole30 Days 1-3 Update

Hey there! I’ll make it short and sweet today, I just wanted to let you know how the Whole30 process was and to let you know I still have all my teeth 😉

The obsessive need to chew on ice and bottle caps has resolved, it was just on day 1. I think that was because I was hungry and wasn’t eating enough. Don’t get me wrong, I still want (but feel like I need) gum.

*Literally at this very moment, my daughter plops down next to me and decides to chew gum ALL IN MY FACE* I’m going to send her to her dad’s so she can torment him while he does his diet. Him and his gal are currently doing Keto (I believe).

Just a reminder, the foods I’m eating can be found on Instagram @Chelseamo07

For dinner tonight (day 3) I tried some Dijon Mustard (minus the white wine) and it was disgusting! It was just an off brand, but I’m not going there again. Lesson learned 😉

I apparently have an addiction to almond butter, I’m sure I shouldn’t be eating it twice a day, but it’s seriously the highlight of my meals. I probably eat about 3 tablespoons full per day, so I’m okay with it.

I know it’s only been three days on this Whole30 journey, but I have noticed two major improvements with fatigue and concentration. Both of which were on my top priority list of addressing.

I have always thought that people (everyone, myself included) had a 2-3pm slump where they/we felt exhausted and ready for nap time! But… I was fooled, feeling like a Goonie right about now.

The first day I was able to tell a difference which is kind of freaky. I really wasn’t expecting to notice any type of difference for AT LEAST a week. But day 1 showed up and 3 o’ clock rolled around and I wasn’t yawning or looking to crawl under the covers. I’m going to contribute the more alertness to the lack of sugar in my diet compared to what I was eating/drinking before.

As far as the concentration, not so much of a major noticeable difference, but I can still tell a slight improvement. I’m not quite as flighty feeling as normal and just a little less scatter brained.

I’m planning on giving y’all the next update next Tuesday (on Day 8). You can follow the meal prep on Instagram if you would like. For any others wanting to Whole30 with me, be sure you use #HFAWhole30 so I can show my support!

If you’re new here, I am working on my Integrative Health nutrition certification and will obtain my credentials in June. By that time I’ll be accepting clients. To stay in touch be sure to “JOIN” the community by clicking the red button below.

Talk to y’all tomorrow where I talk to you about why I started Whole30 and the pantry clean-out process.


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