Prescription Costs are Crippling Families and I’ve Created a Solution

There’s nothing that infuriates me more than families not being able to afford their life saving medications. I’ve worked with thousands of families and seen just about everything.

There are plenty of people who don’t take their medications as prescribed because they are trying to make the medicine last a little longer to stretch their pennies.

I’ve also seen seniors have to choose between turning their heat on or going by the pharmacy to get their medications. The most upsetting thing to witness is those that have to choose medication over meals.

I’m literally tearing up because I don’t know in what F***ing manner that this is okay. I don’t give a damn about how much the prescription costs to manufacturer or that they have to make up their costs for the research.

Tips to Pharmaceutical Companies–>Reduce Expenses

  • Stop putting 3-5 pills in your damn sample bottles knowing good and well that they are given several bottles at a time
  • Cut the crap with the marketing material- You wouldn’t believe how much pharmaceutical materials get thrown in the recycling bin and not used once it’s dropped off at the office.
  • Decrease your advertising costs – Maybe a few times per year someone comes in asking for a medication by name after seeing it advertised on TV, not worth the MILLIONS of dollars being thrown in on this sort of money sucking shenanigan.

That rant is in hopes that someone takes notice because it’s not right to put ALL that expense on families that are in desperate need of these medications…just BLOWS my mind!

Patient Experience

After hours, I made a home visit (which was not in the j-o-b description) to a diabetic patient who needed his insulin. He called the office, we were about to close, but he had no way to get his insulin from the pharmacy before his family came back in town. He didn’t drive and his blood sugars were in the 400s.

His family wasn’t coming home until the next day, so we had some samples at the office and with the permission of the physician I stopped by his house and administered insulin. I’m sure this is against some rules, but frankly, I don’t care.

His only other option was to get an ambulance to pick him up and take him to the hospital for them to administer him insulin and “send him home” but he wouldn’t have transportation to get there til the next day which would leave him sitting in the ER til someone decided to show up.

While I was at his house, I put the rest of the samples of the insulin in his refrigerator. He has nothing but a damn pickle jar and expired milk in there. I kid you not. He said he didn’t get his check for his social security yet and his family was bringing by food tomorrow.

I’m not so naive to think that I can change the world or solve everyone’s problem, but I want to help. I don’t want to sit around and watch people struggle like he did. He has since passed away, but I still get emotional thinking about how normal that situation was for him. He’s definitely not the only person living like this, I know that for a fact.

There are videos circling all across the internet of stories about how a mom is desperately seeking a solution to the sky-high insulin costs because her son passed away due to not being able to afford it. There’s also another story about a girl who had to share insulin with her father because the cost of their medication tripled.

Unfortunately, as you know, those stories are a dime a dozen. So after working in corporate healthcare for ten years, I’ve managed to condense all of the tricks of the trade and package them up into a 4 week online course where I teach families ALL of the ways to reduce prescription costs and NEVER overpay for medications again.

I stand behind the course 100% and know that this can help SO many families out there looking for some relief. It helps anyone with commercial or private health insurance, Medicare, or those who are uninsured like myself.

The course also helps with all of these changes, so if you happen to be someone who is commercially insured and you lose your health insurance- you will know how to prepare yourself regarding your prescriptions. AND for those going onto Medicare and needing assistance as far as avoiding the donut hole or putting that off as long as you can- there’s tips for this as well.

To learn more about the course you can click here.

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