Flu Season has Arrived, are you Ready?

It's getting that time of year again where you'll start seeing advertisements to get your flu shots at your local pharmacy or drug store. The pharmacies tend the push the vaccines out pretty early and it may just be to serve the influx of people that are are requesting to have it. It's really not … Continue reading Flu Season has Arrived, are you Ready?

Immunizations Overview

Immunizations are recommended by your doctor to keep you healthy. Controversy surrounds the need to vaccine, but we won’t be discussing that today. We will touch briefly on the vaccines/shots that a child is recommended to have just to give you shed some light on what it is that you should have been vaccinated for up … Continue reading Immunizations Overview

How to Find your Medical Records

Where in the world is your medical records? I know it can seem overwhelming and you're not sure where to start, but that's why you have me! There are going to be times when you'll be asked certain questions regarding your health history that requires you to do some digging and search for prior medical … Continue reading How to Find your Medical Records