Prescription Sleep Aids for Insomnia

There are several options for prescription sleep aids that your doctor can prescribe. Like I mentioned in the previous post, sleep medications are not for everyone so do check out that post which should be featured below. If you have tried and failed correcting sleeping habits and still are having issues with falling asleep and/or … Continue reading Prescription Sleep Aids for Insomnia

Sleep Apnea Medical Supplies

This is part two of a post where I reviewed sleep studies, sleep disorders, and how to treat sleep apnea. So, let’s jump right in... Machines and supplies only last so long until they need to be replaced. When a person initially gets a CPAP machine the sleep doctor will arrange getting the CPAP to … Continue reading Sleep Apnea Medical Supplies

Sleep Apnea Symptoms, Testing, & Treatment

Sleep studies, sleep apnea, medical equipment and more! There are several reasons why someone would be prompted to get a sleep study. Sleep apnea can be dangerous when not being treated properly which causes some serious medical issues. Medical equipment is provided to treat sleep apnea and can be found through a Durable Medical Supply … Continue reading Sleep Apnea Symptoms, Testing, & Treatment