Migraine Triggers, Home Remedies

As many migraine sufferers know, these can be triggered by an insurmountable of things varying from diet to hormones. There are a few things that people are able to do at home to try and ease the intensity of the migraine which I’ll share with you here. Also, supplements have been found useful for some … Continue reading Migraine Triggers, Home Remedies

Prescription Sleep Aids for Insomnia

There are several options for prescription sleep aids that your doctor can prescribe. Like I mentioned in the previous post, sleep medications are not for everyone so do check out that post which should be featured below. If you have tried and failed correcting sleeping habits and still are having issues with falling asleep and/or … Continue reading Prescription Sleep Aids for Insomnia

Causes, Sleeping Habits, & OTC Supplements for Insomnia

There are many people that struggle with sleep throughout their lives. There are some symptoms that you may want to pay attention to and start making some adjustment in your routine to help you get a more restful night's sleep. As a last resort you can talk to your doctor about prescribing you some medications … Continue reading Causes, Sleeping Habits, & OTC Supplements for Insomnia

Stress: Effects & Conflict Management

Stress shows up in many forms in our lives. Some of it is external and other times we can create our own great deal of stress. There are physical reactions that will show up in your health if you are under long term stress. All stress isn't bad, in fact we need a little bit … Continue reading Stress: Effects & Conflict Management