Diabetes & Weight Loss

Some of you may see that title and think, UGH.. yeah impossible! There are several facets of weight loss related to Diabetes that we'll talk more about today. Some people have unexplained weight loss with diabetes and others have experienced stubborn pounds clinging on for dear life not wanting to budge as hard as you … Continue reading Diabetes & Weight Loss

Ketogenic Diet Basics 101

This seems to be a hot topic especially within the doctor's office. We get questions all the time about what diet that people should be on or what works best for weight loss. If you haven't yet seen the documentary on Netflix called "The Magic Pill" then I would definitely recommend that you watch it. … Continue reading Ketogenic Diet Basics 101

Weight Loss Medications, Tips, & More

I know that picture of the scale brings immediate anxiety for 90% of people, but it's not as scary once you have the right tools to make the change you're looking for. Everyone has their own opinion on what the best weight loss supplement is. If you are someone who is struggling to loose weight, … Continue reading Weight Loss Medications, Tips, & More