The HFA Community has Spoken…

So… The members of our community here at Healthy Family Advocate have decided it’s best to shake some things up.. Hope you’re holding on to your britches 😉

There’s a large number of you that currently have chronic illnesses and are looking for tips and tricks to be the best version of yourself. Whether that be improving your diet, incorporating exercise, or expanding your current knowledge base.

We will be moving away from learning the basics of the disease process and current treatment options. Instead I’ll be focusing and sharing more about the things I’ve learned through incorporating a Paleo diet.

I’ve been dropping hints here and there for a little while about the relationship that food has to your overall health. And instead of keeping all of this to myself, I’m here to share with you ALL of the good things.

*Very Important*

If you decide to try any new diet or exercise regimen, you MUST get that approved by your provider first. For someone who is switching their diet from a normal American type diet which is full of sugar and carbohydrates to something like Keto, Paleo, or Whole30 then you need to be followed by a physician.

Your doctor will have to monitor your chronic condition by adjusting your medications as needed and so you can keep in touch with him/her in case you are experiencing any symptoms that you have questions about.

I am not your physician and cannot recommend in particular what you should try over another. I’m just here to present the facts and you can decide what works best for you after talking it over with your doctor.

Now that we got that out of the way…

–>This doesn’t change anything regarding the Rx Savings Course that I have available. There are still TONS of families that will benefit from the information that is jam packed in this four week online course. You can visit the Services page above or click here.

Health Benefits

The things that have improved for me in the time that I’ve been doing the Paleo diet and implementing exercise have been no more headaches, chronic fatigue has lessened, ADD symptoms (including irritability, brain fog, etc) have improved, acid reflux has resolved, and my “pipes” are regular.

Be sure to comment below with any questions regarding this information. Have you had any positive experiences along your health journey that you’re willing to share? We would love to hear from you!

Thanks as always for checking in and I’ll talk to y’all soon!


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