Whole30 1 Week Update

It’s been an entire week, yippe!! I know, that sounds like a drop in the bucket, but going an entire week without sugar wasn’t really something I was looking forward to. I know the benefits of not having sugar, so I think I was mentally better prepared than some, but not 100% psyched up about it.

I’ll give you a recap of how this week went as far as food prep, budgeting, cravings, and my feelings about it all.


Well, let’s be honest, it is expensive to eat healthy especially if your cupboard is filled with the traditional snacks, pasta, and ready-to-mix dinners in a box. I ended up cleaning out my pantry and giving it to a family member that isn’t doing the diet. If she wasn’t going to take the food, I would have donated it to a food pantry instead.

I wish I would have been a little more prepared as far as buying food over time to stock up on before I completely made the switch and made about 3 grocery store trips in a matter of one week. Unfortunately, that’s true.

I do have to keep in mind that there are several items that will last me for several months like spices, baking needs, oils, etc. that I won’t need to be purchasing every time I go to the grocery store.

If I were to do it again, I would have made it to the local Farmer’s Market to stock up on fruits and veggies over getting it at the grocery store because you can find better deals for quality products. Once the snow melts and the market is in full swing, I’ll get my rump back down there.

I should mention, I’m not an affiliate for anyone. I would have also bought some of the baking items on the Brandless website. Most of their items are $3 and for organic or Whole30 specific foods it could have saved me a bundle. When I run out of my almond flour, coconut flour, cacao powder, and other things I’ll be using them next time.

Food Prep

If I were forced to food prep, I would still be able to pull this off with some pre-planing. I do work from home, so there wasn’t any food prep going on this past week. I know it would save me a lot of time in the kitchen, but I haven’t had a need for it currently. If it gets to be too much of a pain, I’ll let you know when I make the switch. I just hate to get burnt out on food after eating the same lunch for a week. That can happen to me when I just eat the same lunch twice a week. I’ll just play this by ear.


I would say if you weren’t having cravings after making such a big switch in your diet you’re probably not human 😉 Of course I want a cheese burger, queso dip, and all the Oreos a girl could hope for, but I want to give this an honest “girl-scout-try”.

I had a thing on Day 1 where I really really was having a hard time not chewing gum so I wanted to chew on anything else- plastic or ice. That resolved after Day 1, but doesn’t mean I don’t miss chewing gum.

I think you just have to want something bigger than the immediate satisfaction of satisfying your hunger. For me personally, I want to be able to take an honest look in someone’s eye and tell them that if I can do it, they can too. The Whole30 is just temporary and is much more of a mindset shift than an actual diet. I’ve survived worse and I’m sure you have too.

Start Whole30?

If you’ve ever thought about starting a new diet plan like the Whole30, you’ll want to get that cleared by your physician. For someone who is a diabetic and switches to Whole30, there will be a drop in your blood sugars and adjustments will need to be made with your medication under the supervision of a provider.

I’ve put together some steps on how to get started on the Whole30 program (after clearing it with your doctor):

1) Decide why you want to start the program, what benefits are you hoping to see. This needs to be something pretty solid as you’ll have to rely on it in times where you feel like giving up.

2) Accountability: some people need this more than others, but if you have a friend or family member that will do this with you, it will make your time a little easier knowing there’s someone else you can talk to about meal planning and your struggles.

3) After Whole30: There is an end to the Whole30 program, it’s meant as a 30 day re-set. Have a plan in place for what you decide to do after the Whole30 is over. I plan on switching to Paleo so I’ve made sure that any additional Paleo unfriendly items are also out of the house.

4) Pantry clean-out: Go through your pantry and your refigerator and get rid of the items that you don’t want to be staring at for the next month. If there are family members in your home that are not doing the diet with you, try to make a little section for just your items so you don’t find yourself surrounded by temptation at every turn. I ended up putting my daughter’s goodies on the lower shelf as it’s not eye level for me. I also know what’s in the pantry that I need and don’t waste my time opening it up and staring at everything.

5) Plan: plan your meals that you want to have for the next week. I don’t recommend going any further out than one week because fresh fruits and vegetables go bad very quickly. From your meal plan you can pick out what items you’ll need to buy from the grocery store or other above mentioned place.

6) Pick a date: Decide what day you’re starting this and put it on the calendar. You should have purchased your groceries and have an accountability partner now. The next thing you can do, to save yourself some time and headaches later is…

7) Meal Prep: I know I haven’t done this myself, but it makes good sense to do it especially if you don’t work from home. This is a do as I say, not as I do kind of thing. At least for now it is.

8) Start: You’re off to the races, start your Whole30 journey and listen to your body. If your hungry then eat. If you’re full, stop eating.

I’ve noticed while doing the Whole30 that I’m not really hungry but for about 2 meals per day. I know you should be eating more frequently throughout the day, but I’m also trying this with an intermittent fast. The fast I’m doing is not eating after 7 pm and I eat again around 11 am. This is not recommended for everyone, but happens to save me some money in the process.

So if you notice my Breakfast items I mention, which is mostly fruit, on my Instagram account. I’m actually not eating that til around 11 am and I have lunch around noon. I eat dinner between 5-6 pm and my dessert before 7. If I’m hungry between lunch and dinner I have a snack. No harm, no foul.

If you’ve had any experience with the Whole30 or another diet plan that you’re having success with please let us know! We would love to hear from you.

For those that are new here, be sure to join the community so we can get a chance to connect. I’ll talk to you all tomorrow when we discuss gut health & gluten! My next Whole30 Update post will be next Tuesday (I won’t drive you crazy every few days with this). If you’re interested in following the meal plans you can check out my Instagram @ChelseaMo07. Talk to y’all soon!


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