Whole30 Days 4 & 5 Update/Fail

I just wanted to call myself out for not being a good cook, yup it’s true. I think things will taste a certain way if I “wing it” and well as some of you know, winging it in the kitchen doesn’t always turn out the way it was anticipated.

I had a major FAIL when it comes to cooking eggplant for the first time. I should have been a good little girl and got on Pinterest and researched it to death especially since I have never tasted eggplant in my life. Not sure if that is weird or not, but I just haven’t.

Those are my sad little eggplants I baked in the oven after brushing them with Ghee (grass-fed “butter”) and pressing some coconut flour on them. THAT, my friends, is where things went so wrong… Coconut flour is not meant to substitute breading. I am sharing this because I know I can’t be the only one who likes to improvise or see what works. Well this just doesn’t work, take it from me!

Although, I did pretty awesome on my salmon. Also a first for me. I’ve never ate salmon before because it always smelled too fishy! I typically liked my fish breaded and in small bite sized pieces like popcorn shrimp so I couldn’t tell I was actually eating fish. Oh, with tartar sauce of course.! I know, shame on me.

Salmon isn’t as fishy as I thought it was, but I think that’s just a change in my thinking perhaps. It’s just as fishy as tuna and I like tuna salad so I’m okay with it. It’s definitely not something I want to eat every day, but maybe once a week will be okay.

The only thing I did to the salmon was cooked it on the stove-top with a little olive oil and put Turmeric and some other spices on it. I didn’t eat it with any sauce or anything, just straight up. Next time I think I’ll add some lemon or lime juice to it just to give it a little something extra.

If you followed my Instagram posts, you see I only ate two real meals on Day 4. I really wasn’t hungry til about 11 am, so that’s when I ate “brunch”. I was feeling a little bloated so decided to cut down and on Day 5 I was feeling back to normal. I wasn’t starving, just ate when I was hungry.

Day 5

Started off Day 5 a little hungry so I decided to beef up my meals and finally eat some actual carbs (not just from Apples or Bananas). I know Whole30 approves white potatoes, but I’m staying away from those as I don’t want it to be my primary way to feel “full”.

Sweet potatoes have more vitamins and contain less carbohydrates and calories than white potatoes. That’s why I am sticking with sweet potatoes instead and only in moderation.

My refrigerator stock is shrinking of vegetables so my Day5 may look a little hodge-podge because it is. I ran out of Avocados which is like a sin! I’ll be making it to the grocery store this weekend to get some more goodies. Definitely must eat before I go because the temptations are so REAL.


There still has been no cheating on my end as far as the diet goes which I’m shocked to be honest. I guess knowing that there is an end in sight and this is only temporary makes it a little easier to wrap my head around.

I am definitely getting some teasing from my 11 year old, all in good fun. I’m not putting her on a diet, she gets to eat what she wants and she likes giving me a hard time. She’s lucky I love her!

If you have any fail stories about cooking gone wrong, feel free to drop a comment below! I would love to hear them. I’ve got failed cooking stories for days (unfortunately). Don’t ask about the quinoa.. bleh! I’m all good with recipes because you just need to follow instructions, but when I’m left to my own devices, things get a little CrAzY 😉

For anyone new here, be sure to join the community so we can get a chance to connect! It’s going to be a snowy weekend here in Saint Louis, so if you’re reading this now be safe and stock up on your essentials! Talk to y’all on Monday.


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